We are a specialized company with an extensive network of highly skilled experts. Metamatter is in business since 2005. Over the years we have conducted many innovative semantic projects. We work together with the universities that are leading in semantics such as the University of Leipzig and the Free University of Amsterdam and we are actively involved in the development of the Dutch DBpedia chapter.

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Meet us

Drs. Roland Cornelissen (1972) - founder and CEO of Metamatter. Roland graduated in 1995 at the State University of Groningen in Business Administration. Roland has a 15 year proven track record in semantic technology. He has a vision as well as hands-on developing skills. Roland is administrator of the Dutch DBpedia chapter.

Metamatter facilitates organisations that aim to obtain added value from data.

We live in a data-driven economy with an increasingly open character. More and more organisations become aware of the necessity and the potential of integrated, enriched data. Over the past decades we have seen organisations struggle with data integration. In parallel to the world wide web developing into the web of data, semantic technology offers the solution to organisations. As more data becomes structured and linked, the landscape will change with new intelligent applications. Metamatter has the ambition to shape the data-driven economy and to help your organisation to anticipate on the future, creating value from meaningful, integrated data.