Our combined expertise of semantic technology and business administration enables us to give you a unique advice on an optimal data strategy. We offer a non-committal inventory of your data landscape, including that of relevant external resources, and an advice on how to obtain value from data that suits your internal business intelligence needs as well as the need for information of your customers.

Development and implementation

We develop and implement Linked Data from any type of resource, independent of form, format and location. We handle structured, semi-structured and unstructured data as well as internal (privacy-sensitive) data, external open data and DBpedia data. We set-up and maintain the semantic infrastructure that is required to store and query Linked Data using one of the fastest and best secured Intenet connections in The Netherlands. We offer a choice of standard user interfaces to query and explore your data and we offer a customized user interface.

Knowledge transfer

At this moment we offer two half-day training workshops: Linked Data and GATE. Our interactive training sessions are adapted to your specific needs and subject domain. In order for your trainees to actually gain knowledge and experience we tune in to those areas where knowledge and experience lacks and fill in the blanks.